NNPC Aptitude Test


On this computer based test, there are 60 questions, and you will have 60 minutes in which to correctly answer as many as you can.

The test is comprised of THREE sections:

  • Quantitative Reasoning – 20 questions
  • Verbal Reasoning – 20 questions
  • General Knowledge – 20 Questions

The questions may not be presented in the exact order above, but will definitely form this entire test session.

Calculators are NOT allowed for this test, and it is recommended you have some rough paper to work on.

Try to find a time and place where you will not be interrupted during the test.

For better experience and test day simulation, ensure you are using a computer to take this test.

Regardless of what your score, you can retake as many sessions as you like, questions will be reshuffled each time.

Once you are ready to proceed, click the button below to start the test. Please note that your answers will be submitted automatically once you’ve used up the allotted time.


This timed-mode simulates the actual exam condition. Answers and Explanations will be available after you submit.


This step-by-step mode allows you to review each question and answers in detail as you go through them.


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