In life, I have learnt that prayers are not often answered based on the urgency of our desire. No. Prayers are mostly answered according to God’s timing and purpose for your life. The point is that God does not answer your prayer based on your timing or schedule. God answers your prayer based on his plan and purpose for your life.

He looks at how your desire (prayer), aligns with his plan and purpose for your life.
He looks at the best time that desire of yours will work out for the good of yourself and others.

This means that the fact that your prayers has not been answered does not mean God did not hear them. As a matter of fact, he heard your prayers. He’s only waiting for the appropriate time when you can handle the desire you are seeking for.

This is very important. It changes our mentality towards prayer and helps us to pray.

So you pray about something in 2013 and get the answer in 2018. Sometimes, you may forget you ever made such prayer. Later in retrospect, you begin to remember how you prayed about this and you thought the answer will not come.

So the point is this, always ensure that your prayers and heart desires always falls in line with Gods overall agenda for your life. Then it will surely happen.

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